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Animal Crossing Fossil

Updated: May 25, 2019

Hey #Animalcrossing fans! here is a simple pattern to crochet your very own #fossil! show it to #Blathers or sell it for some #Bells - the choice is up to you my fellow Mayors.

What you need:

3.7m mm Hook (F)

Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn

In royal blue and white.

Polyester fiber fill

Darning needle to weave in ends

Stitches used/Abbreviations

MR=Magic Ring

SC=Single Crochet

INC=Increase (2 single crochet in the same stitch)

DMR=double magic ring


HDC=Half double crochet

DC=Double Crochet

TR=Treble crochet

SLST-Slip Stitch


( )=Total stitches


Make 2

In blue

1. MR, SC 5 (5)

2. INC x5 (10)

3. SC, INC x5 (15)

4. SC 2, INC x5 (20)

5. SC 3, INC x5 (25)

6. SC 4, INC x5 (30)

7. SC 5, INC x5 (35)

8. SC 6,INC x5 (40)


In white


2.CH 2, SC into the 2nd CH from your hook, SLST into the DMC x5 Pull closed and fasten off, leaving a tail to sew onto the fossil.


In white

1.DMR, SC 6 Fasten off, leave a tail.


In white

1. MR, SC 8

2. SC 3, HDC 3, DC 2, TR 1 Fasten off with a long tail-when sewing to the fossil make a few stitches through the inner part of the swirl to give it definition.


Stitch the star, circle and swirl onto the top piece of your fossil, then sew the front and back parts of the fossil together, stuffing slightly as you go! Enjoy!

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